Canvassing Tools

See how ECLM can help you automate your admin when knocking door-to-door.

Canvassing Tools

See how ECLM can help you automate your admin when knocking door-to-door.

Instant & Customised Quotes At The Door

Having a professional canvassing process can help build trust when knocking door-to-door. Being able to give a quick quote without needing to look around reduces the pressure people feel at the door.

ECLM's Canvassing Tools helps you automate the canvassing process.

Instant Quote Form

We'll build a form, using your own pricing, that you can use to ask a few simple questions at the door. It will show you the price for the property and will allow you to easily book them in.

Customisable Quotes

You can knock on any door, even if the property is large or unusual. Our form will allow you to create a custom quote for all the services you offer, just in case the house is large or unusual.

You can also change to any frequency that you require, in case you're just trying to close the sale and want to offer something different to what you'd normally offer.

Take Details At The Door

Your quote form allows you to take the customer's details at the door without needing to write them down separately, reducing the amount of admin you need to do.

You'll know you or your team has taken all the information you need for every booking. You won't be able to forget to take a phone number, name, address or email address.

On Your Own Or Part Of A Team

We can set up your system with just one person or for a larger team of people. Allowing you to keep track of the bookings that everyone is making.

Financial Dashboard

Your customised dashboard will allow you to keep track of all the canvassing data you need, from the number of bookings a user has made, to the amount that has been added to your round.

We'll customise your dashboard with the data you need.

Booking Confirmation

Once you or your team member has made a booking, the customer will get a confirmation email right away. Here it will confirm the services booked, the price and a link to GoCardless (if you use it) plus you can attach a copy of your terms and conditions.

Uploadable CSV

We can connect with your Google Sheets or Excel to create a CSV of your bookings which can be quickly uploaded into your CRM such as Cleaner Planner or Squeegee.

Add On To ECLM

If you already use the ECLM system, the canvassing system is separate to the main system, meaning it doesn't count towards your number of bookings through that system, however, it does all the same automations after the booking confirmation that aren't normally available within the canvassing tools.

How Much Is The ECLM Canvassing Tool?

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