ECLM Features

Learn about the features ECLM offers to help grow your business with automation.

ECLM Features

Learn about the features ECLM offers to help grow your business with automation.

Landing Pages Designed For Generating Leads

We build you a landing page for each of your services, which has been designed to capture the details of your website visitors to begin their quoting journey.

Fully Branded

Your landing pages are designed with your own colours, images, content, address, social media links, phone number and emails etc.

Designed For Mobile

We've created our landing pages with a mobile first approach. Most web traffic now comes from mobile, so it is important to have a responsive mobile optimised design.

Built On Your Own Domain

We can connect your landing page to your domain, via a sub-domain (e.g. This will give your landing pages a seamless customer experience on a recognised domain.

Already Have A Landing Page?

Don't worry if you already have dedicated and designed landing pages which already convert! We can connect to your own lead capture forms by webhook to ensure the data goes straight into our automated system.

Instant Online Quotes & Bookings

Speed up your quoting process with online quotes and bookings.

As soon as your lead leaves their details, they'll be able to get a quote and book online for any average sized property. They're likely to have booked before you've even had a chance to contact them.

Instant Email & Periodic Reminders

Your lead will be emailed immediately with a link to your quote and booking form. You'll also be sent their details with a call now button and link to a custom form.

If your customer hasn't booked, they'll be reminded about their quote, unless they've asked not to be.

Built Using Typeform

We build an intuitive form using Typeform, which is built using your own pricing system. This will allow you to have standardised pricing for average sized properties. Your customer can book their own services in a matter of minutes, potentially before you even get a chance to phone them.

Custom Pricing

You'll be sent your lead's details with a button to call them and also a link to a specially created quote form. The quote form you have access to allows you to customise the quote, in case the house is larger than average. You can also change from your standard frequency for unusual frequency jobs. Your customer will not have these options available to them.

Booking Confirmation

Once you or your customer has filled in the form, they'll get a branded confirmation email with all the details of their booking, including frequency, price of the first clean, the regular clean price, sign up links to payment (such as GoCardless) and we can even attach a copy of your terms and conditions.

Uploadable CSV

We can connect with your Google Sheets or Excel to create a CSV of your bookings which can be quickly uploaded into your CRM such as Cleaner Planner or Squeegee.

Automated & Fully Branded Emails

At every stage, we have automated the booking process. The emails are sent from your own email address, with your own logo, branding, messaging and content.

Lead Submission
Your lead will get an email with a link to the instant quote & book form.

You will get an email with their details, a 'Call Now' button which calls the lead and a link to a custom quote & booking form.

Booking Confirmation

Your lead will receive a booking confirmation depending on the service they book. For example, if they book a regular clean, it'll show the price, frequency and a link to GoCardless (if you use it). If they booked a one-off service, it'll show the services booked and price. You're also able to attach your terms & conditions.

You will receive a booking confirmation showing the customer's details, the services booked with price, and also the quote they were given for your other services, in case they wish to book them on the day.

Clean Date Confirmation

Once you've decided a date to complete the clean, you'll just select a date on the LeadConnector App and it will send the customer a confirmation email.

Review Emails
When you have completed the clean, our system will send a series of emails to encourage the customer to leave you a review. We'll go into this more below.

Yearly Reminders

If you offer services such as gutter cleaning or pressure washing, you can automatically setup yearly reminders for your customers to get a new quote a book again, year-after-year.

It is particularly usefor for yearly gutter clearance jobs, which need to be maintained on a regular basis.

You'll no longer need to go back through your diary to see who has booked these services as our system will send them out for you.

Facebook Lead Generation Ad Integration

If you run Facebook lead gen ads, we can integrate directly with your ads, meaning when your leads submit their details on you ad, they will go through the same automated process as if they had gone through your landing page or website.

Reduce The Speed To Lead

A big issue with Facebook is the time it takes to get hold of your lead. The quicker you're able to give the quote, the higher the chance they will convert into a customer.

With Lead Gen ad integration, your lead will be contacted instantly.

Automated Review Nurturing

One of the most important features we offer, is automated review nurturing.

Once you've completed the service and confirm it's complete, our system will send a series of automated emails over the next couple of weeks to encourage your customer to leave a review on Google, Facebook, Trustpilot or any other services you use.

Gentle Reminders

The system will keep track to see if they've clicked to leave a review. If they haven't after a few days, it'll send a gentle reminder to leave a review.

Still not left a review? The system will send an additional 2 reminders. One will be a simple reminder similar to the first. The 3rd reminder will be a more personal email that looks written by you to see if there are any issues you may need to be aware of.

Automatic Replies To Google Reviews

If you use Google reviews, our review AI will automatically respond to every review, helping you show Google that you're engaged with your page, helping you show higher on the Three Pack on organic Google searches.

Financial Dashboard

Your customised dashboard can help you keep track of how your business is growing.

You can see how many bookings you've had, where they've come from, how much your round has grown among other data.

You'll be able to search based on date ranges, making it easy to compare data from other time periods.

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